View Invoices

The role "Finance" is needed to perform these actions.

Navigate to the Invoices main page

Management area > Invoices

This page shows all invoices that are currently in the system, and have not been paid.

The filter button allows you to narrow your search - but there is also the search field on the right to look for specific people or words.

You can view a single invoice by clicking on the invoice title. If you then click on the edit tab, you can update the invoice to either change the amount, add notes, or change the status to paid.

You can make mass changes to invoices by selecting rows (click in the white space of the row) and then click the "actions" button.

You can:

  • set the status (issues, paid, canceled)
  • set the amount
  • set the due date
  • delete the selected invoices

Pro tip - if you want to make one of the above changes to one invoice without viewing and then editing it, you cancel select just the one row.