Using asterisks in visibility settings

The asterisk *  is a "wildcard" option. It means that it can be filled by any number in its place.

writing 5* - means that it covers everything with 55 in front:

  • 55
  • 550
  • 551
  • 552
  • 553
  • 554
  • 555
  • 556
  • 557
  • 558
  • 559

Okay, so why might I need this?

The asterisk is useful if you need to place a block on a set of pages, but it may have various endings. The opposite might also be true - maybe you want to have a block display on all pages, except a set of pages with a similar beginning.


On the edit page of the block, scroll to the visibility settings near the bottom of the page.


Choose your option: 

  • all pages except those listed
  • only the listed pages

(ignore the last option)

The most common instance to use this option is for the checkout pages in your store.
If you have a block you only want to have appear on checkout pages, type the following into the box:


This will cover all checkout pages.