Troubleshooting your site

Having trouble with your site? Perhaps settings haven't updated with a recent change? Here are a few things you can do:


Refresh your browser

First, try refreshing your browser. Things vary for each browser type, but you'll want to look for a small circle arrow near the url bar. Click it to reload the page. This ensures that your browser is using the most recent version of the page.


Flush the site cache

Next, you can flush the site cache. This is available to site admins in: Settings & Admin > Advanced > Flush all caches

Flushing the cache makes sure the site is pulling all new images, settings, and menus. You'll likely want to refresh your browser after this.


Run Cron

Are messages not sending?  Running cron can help trigger sending notifications. Cron runs automatically every 3 hours, but forcing it to run can be used to send notifications right away.
This is available to site admins in: Settings & Admin > Advanced > Run cron


Check our server status

Wondering if the issues you're seeing are related to our servers? We've had a record 100% uptime since moving to AWS, but if you're concerned, you can check our server status here


Check your domain's status

You can also check your specific's site status here
If your site is down, but our servers are functioning, please check your domain settings through your DNS provider.