Tracking your group's music learning progress

The learning status of you choir or chorus can be viewed in a few different places. This allows for varied views revealing different levels of information to you about the overall status of your group on a song.


On the Music Library page (Music area > music library)

The blocks to the left of the song title show a blended colour based on the group status. By default, red means means "not started", orange equals "learning", yellow means "test ready" and and green means "performance ready". The more people at higher level in the music learning workflow, the greener the icon will be. 


On the individual music page

Click on the song title to view the selected song information. There will be a bar ont he page that shows a breakdown of how many people are in each available learning state ont hat particular song.


Clicking on the music learning tab of a song reveals individual statuses - This is only visible to those with the Music Learning Admin role.


You can also view music learning records on the Recording Assessment page (Music area > recording assessment) 

This is only visible to those who have the permission to view it (Music learning Admin) and will only show those in the predetermined checking state.


Or, on the Music Learning Report page (Music area > music learning report)

This will give you a grid view of songs and all you users  with their status for each of the songs in the grid.



You can view your own music learning records:

On the My Music page, located in your main menu

This page will lis all the songs you are invited to view and learn. Songs where music leanring is enabled will have a coloured block by the title indicating your current status. A legend for the colours appears at the bottom of the page. Music is listed alphabetically by category.

On the dashboard

If the "my music to learn" is enabled


There is more information on tracking your music learning status in the General User guide (for members).


Tracking Music Learning

A musical leader in your group - whether it be a director, section leader, or someone else - needs only the role Music Learning Admin in order to view how others are doing. Regular members will only be able to see their own music learning status - aside from the anonymous "group status" for songs.

Tracking music learning can be useful when planning performance packages, and it can also help you know where to spend your time during rehearsal.