Tracking & Suppressions: Verifying that your email was received

This email system comes equipped with email delivery tracking. After sending your message, click on the title of your message to see the thread. Above the main body text, on the top left, there will be a small link that says "tracking".

Clicking on this will show the the users who:

  • have opened your email,
  • or addresses where it has been bounced.   

Please note that if the list appears empty, it does not mean that your email did not send - it just means no one has opened it yet. 

If the "tracking" link does not appear when viewing your email, it means it did not send. This may be due to a formatting issue, so try removing any embedding gifs, or emoticon/emojis.


Suppressed Email addresses

On the tracking page for the last email sent to a list, you may see an email address is listed as "done retrying".

What does this mean?  It means that that email address isn't accepting emails when the site has tried to send to it, so it's no longer trying to send to it. This is called an email suppression.

Email suppression usually happens because their email address is blocking the emails you're trying to send them. Having them add the mailing list to their address/safe list can help.
It may also be an email address that is incorrect (typo, old, no longer accepting email, etc), or the recipient may have marked an email from you as spam.

Why does Choir Genius suppress emails when the list can't send to them?

Repeatedly sending to a list that won't accept email from the sender can place our sending IP on spam lists, which can cause receiving errors for other recipients of your email. Email addresses are suppressed to indicate that there's an issue sending to that address, and that it should be fixed before you try sending to it again to help avoid larger sending issues.

How do I view all suppressed email addresses?

Go to: Communication area > Email lists.  
Go to the top right corner and click "Manage email lists".
Click on the "Suppressions" tab.

How do I remove a suppression?

Select the email address by clicking on the row. It will turn yellow. Click the "actions" button above the list of suppressed email addresses. Select "remove suppression" and follow the on screen instructions. You may need to click the "refresh" button in order for the list to update.