Things to think about when designing your site

Getting Focused


In order to build a successful public website, it is important to have a strategy. We hope this document will help you achieve successful content marketing on your new site.

What is your group’s mission statement?

  • what is your reason for existence? OR why do you do what you do?

  • this resource might be helpful

What is the mission of your web content?

  • what do you expect to achieve by putting information on your new website?

Who is your audience?

  • who is your core audience?

    • ie. new members, potential donors, fans, ticket purchasers

  • create personas of your target audience.

    • here is a great article that will help you create these personas

    • note: you will probably have several target audiences

  • what will be delivered to that audience?

    • news, events, audition information, expectations that potential members my want to know, opportunities to give financially...

  • what is the intended outcome for that audience?

    • what do they expect to learn on your website?


What is the primary message you need to communicate?

  • answers what and why

What are the secondary messages you need to communicate?

  • answer questions like who, how, when and how much

What action do you want your audience to take?

  • contact you, come to a rehearsal, buy tickets

  • you will need to provide an opportunity for this action

Per Page Goals

  • what is the objective of the page?


What do you want your viewers to think of you when they see your images?

  • ie. approachable, friendly, accomplished, entertaining, fun, serious



Further resources

Here's a an article discussing SEO and quality content.