The Store

The store is not available with only a members website - this options is only available to public site subscribers.

Store basics

The public site store is a simple interface to allow the purchase of items like tickets or CDs. There is a catalogue where items can be organized into general categories, a shopping cart, and a checkout screen.

Important things to know about the store:

  • Payments are processed through a Paypal interface.
  • Shipping can be applied to items in the store, but it is applied as a flat rate to all items in the store.
  • You can apply taxes, but it is applied as a percentage to all items in the store. 
  • Products in the store are single variations, so you cannot have one entry that covers different priced items, such as a show ticket with three prices (ex: adults, seniors and students). Each ticket type would need to be listed separately.
  • You can limit the availability of an item.
  • There is no interface for seat selection.
  • There is no interface for allowing customers to print scannable tickets.


The store catalogue is located here:   .../product-catalog

There is a block called "Shopping cart" that can be placed in the sidebar for use by your customers.

Items you want to display or sell in the store are called "Product displays". 


Changing the available product display types

Types of product displays are controlled by the taxonomy settings. Go to: Settings & admin > Site settings > Taxonomy, then click on list terms next to "Product types".

Edit terms to change their names or delete them. Add new terms using the link on the top left.


Store Settings

You need to be a Store Manager in order to see all editing options/

All store settings can be found in: Settings & Admin > Feature settings > Store settings.

  • Checkout settings - Customize the checkout form and configure checkout rules. This is where emails after purchasing items are controlled.
  • Currency settings - Configure the default currency and display settings.
  • Order settings - Configure general order settings, fields, and displays. Do not delete billing or shipping information - if you don't need to use shippign information, only disable it.
  • Payment methods - Enable and configure payment method rule configurations.
  • Product pricing rules - Enable and configure product pricing rules and pre-calculation.
  • Taxes - Manage tax rates and types.


Order Information

To find information on purchases within your store, go to "Store" in the main menu on the left. Then click on "orders" (there's no need to click on the arrow, just click on the "orders" heading).

This will bring you to a page with all orders that have been completed. The most recent orders appear at the top. You can click on the order number to see more information.

Order numbers may seem sporadic as order numbers are assigned by shopping carts. Not all shopping carts will go through checkout in the order they were created.

You can view shopping carts via the "shopping cart" tab on the top left of the screen. 


Setting up your store to accept payment (link below)

If you are accepting payment for invoices on the members only side of the site, then you should have already completed this step.


Adding a product display (link below)

This is how you add items to sell in your store