Slider Images

The "slider" is the set of rotating images on your front page. They are sometimes called "banners". The option for editing slider images changes per theme. 



Atlas and Glossy Themes

Sliders in this theme are controlled by "featured pages".  Keep in mind that all sliders are linked to their featured page so if you click on a slider image, you will be taken to that page.  This can be a great way to link to various information, but it's also important to note that if you later want to remove that image from the slider BUT keep the page information, you will need to copy the page information to a basic page before deleting the featured page.

You can find all of your current featured pages by going to:
Settings & admin > Content 
and filtering for type = feature page.

Edit them by clicking on their title to view the page. Then click the edit tab.

Delete them by editing the page and then clicking the delete button at the bottom.  Keep in mind that this will delete the entire featured page and it's content.

Add a new slider by going to: add content > featured page.
Add a title, and upload an image. Anything you use in the body text area will appear in the text overlay on your slider. Save the page.



Remove the text area from the sliders

Some glossy theme users prefer to use graphics or text in their sliders, and they don't want the text area on the right side of the slider with the "read more" button. If you'd like to do that instead as well, you'll need to use the css injector and add this bit of code:


div.flexslider .flexslider-views-slideshow-main-frame-row div.views-field-title {

display: none;




.nivo-caption {

display:none !important;



The css injector is located in the "Public site area". You'll want to add a new rule. Use a title that you'll remember what this css code is for - something like "slider text" would work. Set it so it only appears on the theme "glossy". Then save the rule, and refresh your site.


Centum and Sensation Themes

You can change your slider images on the "Public Theme Appearance" page (near the bottom).

To add a slider image

First, use the field in the slider area to upload a new image (Click "save configuration" to upload the image). Once the image has been uploaded, you can give it a title and description. Make sure you checkmark it as "published" or it won't display. Use the "weight" dropdown list to change the order the slider's appear in. Small numbers are "lighter" and float to the top of the list. Larger numbers are heavier, and sink to the bottom of the list. Make sure you save the page to save your changes.

To change a slider image

You cannot replace a slider image - you must add a new one, and delete the old one.  You can uncheck "published" to hide a slider image you no longer want to use (save the page to perform the action).

To delete a slider image

Checkmark "delete image" and then save the page. This action will remove the image and the description information.


Haiku Theme

You can change your slider images on the "Public Theme Appearance" page, in the "front page" side tab. Click the "Image slider" heading to expand it. 
Make sure the the sliders are enabled, and then select the number of sliders you wish to use. 3 to 5 is the recommended number. 

Save the configuration at the bottom to update your changes.

To add a slider image

The "path" filed is there to show you which sliders have images, and what those images are. You will want to upload an image form your computer using the "browse" or "choose file" button in the upload image field. Follow the on screen prompts to choose a file.

You can add a caption, and also include a text link, but it has to be done by hand.  

example:     This is slide caption 1 <a href=>This is the clickable text</a>

When you're done, scroll to the bottom of the page and save.

To change a slider image

Change out the image by uploading a new one using the steps listed in "add a slider" (above).

To delete a slider image

You cannot directly delete a slider. You would need to rearrange the slider images by uploading (see "change a slider" above).  If you wish to reduce the number of sliders, use the number of slider settings and save the page.



InspiroB Theme

You can change your slider images on the "Public Theme Appearance" page, near the bottom of the page, under the heading called "website background image slideshow".

The first box is to upload an image, but the settings that follow are general settings

  • Select the rotation speed (in seconds), 
  • the slideshow effect (fade is recommended),
  • choose to use a pattern over the images (better if your images are lower quality and may look a bit grainy when full size)
  • choose to show controls so people can flip through images or pause if they would like to
  • choose to show titles and descriptions (recommended - the titles and descriptions are set per image after the image is uploaded)
  • choose to show view more button, and edit the button text (this button will lead to a url that's set per image)

To add an image

Use the upload field to select and image form your computer (click the browse/choose file button and then follow the on screen prompts)

Save the page. The page will re-load, and you can then set the:

  • Title
  • Description
  • URL (the page the "view more" button will link to when the slider is on this image)
  • Weight - the order the image will appear in (0 is first, higher numbers are later in the rotation)
  • Published - if you want this image to display, checkmark this box.
  • Delete - if you do not want this image, checkmark this box. It will be removed along with all of the title and description information.

Save the page to save your settings.  Upload and save one image at a time, or upload all the images, then go through and organize and fill out the information and save.

To change an image

You cannot change out an image, you must upload a new one (with it's own title, description, url, etc), and then unpublish or delete the one you do not want.

To unpublish or delete an image

Go to the image, un-checkmark "Published" and save the page. This will hide the image from the public, but it will still appear on the theme settings page in case you need to copy the information, or may wish to use it later (if it's a seasonal image, or event specific).

Go to the image, checkmark "delete image" and save the page. It will be removed along with all of the title and description information.