Shift the time of an event (or several)

Do you need to shift all your events forward or back by a few hours? This may be something you need to do if your time zone settings were incorrect when you first added your events.

Navigate to: Settings & Admin > Site settings > Event time adjustment

This page will allow you to move the event forward and back by the hour.  The max it can move is 3 hours at a time. 

Need to move it more than three hours? Move it in stages.

Example: If you need to move an event 5 hours, move it 3 hours, and then 3 hours.


If you need to only adjust adjust the time of some events

Navigate to: Master Calendar 

Select the events you need to adjust by clicking on them, but on on the event name. The row will highlight a pale yellow and blue.

Click the "Actions" button and then select "shift event time", and follow the on screen instructions.