Send a message to event invitees

Sometimes people forget to respond to their RSVP emails. So, it there an easy way to message only the people who haven't RSVP'd to an event? Yes! Do you need a may to message only the people who are attending? Or maybe you want to message every who's invited? You can do that too! You can even message the people who did, or did not attend the event afterward.

Here's how to message event invitees

Navigate to the attendance page for an event. You'll be on the "summary" view.

Above  the summary table you should see a heading that says "Event Messaging". Click it to expand the options.

Write your message and subject line - keep in mind it will look like a notification from the the site, so you may want to sign your name. 

​Below the message area, there should be a drop down box where you can select who to send it to - "Everyone who has not responded yet" is one of the most common options when using this messaging device, but there are several others as well:

  • everyone who is invited
  • everyone who has not responded yet
  • everyone who plans to attend
  • everyone who plans not to attend
  • everyone who actually attended (will only work after attendance has been taken and closed)
  • everyone who did not attend (will only work after attendance has been taken and closed)

You can also choose your replying preference - no replies (mimics a site notification), or if replies should go to you, the sender.

Finally, checkmark if you wish to include the RSVP information, which includes the event date and time, and allows the recipient to reply via links whether or not they plan to attend.

 Then click send to send your message to the selected users.


Note: If you've enabled SMS messaging options, there will also be an option to send this notice via sms instead of email.