The Recording Assessment page

Navigate to: Music area > Recording Assessment
This page is available to: Site Admins, Music Learning admins, and the Director roles.

This page shows you a queue of music learning records that are waiting to be checked (based on the checking state).

You can use the filters at the top of the page to search for specific people, voice parts, or songs. Although the filters will automatically look for songs in the checking state (which is set on the features settings page for music learning) you can change the filters to include more states, as well as checkmark to only show records with recordings attached.

You can also click on the column headings to sort the records that are listed.

Default settings for this page are controlled on the "Music Learning Settings" page. You may want to remove the default setting to only show records where recordings are attached if you do live listening in rehearsal.

Click "check" next to a record to make changes, such as changing the music learning state, adding comments, listen to an uploaded recording, or even changing the assigned checker.

Notifications about changes made on this page can be toggled on or off - but the advisor notification settings handle the notification preferences of each user.


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