Rearranging menu items

So you want to re-organize your main menu. As long as you have the correct permissions (content manager role), you should have no problems.


Re-ordering your main menu items

  1. In the main menu on the left hand side, go to:  settings and admin > site settings > menus
  2. Click on the "list links" option for "Main Menu"
    • You will see a list of all main menu items both enabled and disabled
  3. Using the "handles" to the left of each menu item, drag the items into the order you prefer
  4. Click save

Creating secondary menu items (drop-down items)

  1. To create a drop-down menu item, drag the item under the main menu item and slightly to the right to force an indent
  2. Click save
  3. Go back to the main menu item (top-level) and click edit (to the right)
  4. Ensure that "Show as expanded" is selected
  5. Click save
    • This will allow the top-level item to have drop-down items

Enabling / Disabling menu items

You may want to temporarily disable or re-enable a menu item (perhaps something seasonal). To do so:

  1. Toggle the item to either enabled (checked) or disabled (unchecked)
  2. Click save

Deleting a menu item

Simply click the delete link (right side) and confirm.