News (Public Blogs)

Do you have a public site? Blog post are a public site type of content - although they are also visible on the internal side of your site.  

If you don't have a public site with us, you're probably looking for the Members Only Blog.


NOTE: Blog items appears as "News" on the public side of your site.

An easy way to communicate with the public about the activities of your choir is through "News" items. These are called "blogs" internally.

Blogs are a quick and easy way to keep your website current. If you're using the "recent news" block on the front page of your public website, it's automatically filled with the 3 most recent blog/news items you've added.


Adding a blog post

Go to: Settings & Admin > Add content > Blog entry
Give it a title, and write in the body text area. it's recommended to also add a photo.


Edit or delete a post

Click on the title of the blog, or find it on the content page, then click the "edit" tab. Save your changes, or to remove the post permanently, scroll to the bottom of the edit page, and click "delete".


Pro tip:
You can also add a menu item that takes your visitors to a main news page that lists all bog/news pages.  The url is  .../news

Learn to add items to the menu here