The Members Page

The Members page is where you can view all accounts on the site.

To view a profile, click on the user's name.

There are several tabs on the page, each with their own function.

  • The "Members list" tab - (this is the default tab) You can click the table headers to sort by the content of that column.
  • "Roster" tab - You can click a member's name to see their profile, which contains contact information - if their privacy settings are set to share it.
  • "Activity" tab - This view shows when an account was added, and the last time they logged in.
  • "Skills" tab - This view shows the skills listed on the user's profiles.
  • "Organize" tab - this view allows you to look, by role, who has the selected role, and who does not. You can checkark their names to add and remove the selected role.


For Site Admins and managers (user admins, etc)

  • Filters allows you to filter by name, voice part and role, and well as the option to include blocked users in the results.
  • The Actions button provides you with several options for making changes to the accounts you select by clicking on the line of the user you want to select. Click them again to deselect. Optionally, you can choose "select all" as well. 
  • You can also edit a profile directly by clicking on the "edit pencil" next to their name.
  • Total user count based on the current filtered results can be found at the bottom of the page.


Export a User List

Navigate to:  Settings & Admin > Import & Export

Click the "export" link across from users (over on the right hand side). This will export all users in the system and their data into a csv file.


Want to export a select list of users?

On the Members page, select your users by clicking on the row to highlight them. Click the "actions" button and select "export to selected to CSV". If asked, choose to save the file. The file will download to your downloads folder, where you can open it.


The Printable Roster

There is a link on the top right of the members page called "printable roster". This will export all users in a PDF format, and includes names, voice parts, email, phones, and address of all users.


Can't find the person you're looking for? Try using the filters at the top of the page to search for the role they have, or their account status.