Leaves of Absence

This article will cover:

  • What happens when you apply a leave of absence
  • How to apply a leave of absence 
  • Where to find the list of people on a leave of absence.

What is it, and what does it do?

A Leave of Absence, or LOA, can be used to indicate that this person is still a member of your group and shouldn't loose any permissions, but they are not currently attending events. When a leave of absence is applied to an account, it removes event invites during that time period.

LOA's do not affect a user's access to the site, nor their email settings.

NOTE: LOAs cannot be applied retroactively unless the attendance for a past event is still open/re-opened.


How to apply a leave of absence

Navigate to the user in question, and click the edit tab on their account page.

Note: You can also click on the edit button across from the users name on the Members page.

Click on the tab "Leaves of Absence"

Enter the dates this user will not be attending events.

You can add another set of dates if you need to.

When you're done, save the page. When the page reloads, you'll see a confirmation message indicating the number of events they're no longer invited to.


How to view leaves of absence on the users profile

Click the heading on the user's profile to view all LOA entires (past, present, and future).

It's near the bottom of their profile page


View all current LOAs on the LOA page

Navigate to the LOA page.

Management area > Leave of absence

This page will list all active and future leaves of absence.

Past leaves of absence will only display on the user's profile.