Heading Tags & SEO

Increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a best way to make sure your site appears at the top of the search list when people are looking for choruses in your area. By including certain words in your page content, headings, and image alternative text allows search engines to index your site with more detail, allowing for more search matches between key words in the content of your site.

More detailed Information on how search engines index sites is available here.

Heading tags

In the content editor for your site, there is a "Format" drop-down just below the bold, italic & underline buttons. In this drop-down, you will find your heading styles. Using this text format for particular titles on your pages helps the site log key words about the content on your site.

 For information on how they work, you can read about it here.



Using images within your content with alternative text to describe what's in the photo helps Google index your site as well.

Alternative text can be added when embedding an image using in the "image dialogue box".
Here's the link to help page on embedding an image.


Use variations of the same word in the body text area

Using various forms of the same word in the body text area can also help to make sure you show up in searches where the person searching might not use the same word you do.

Perhaps you call yourself a "chorus" or "show chorus" - you may want to switch it up and call yourself an a cappella choir, or something similar. This will help you show up in searches where someone may search for a "choir" rather than a chorus, or vice versa!