General Setup Guide

This guide is designed to give you a quick overview of the various features available within your Choir Genius site.  It also works as a great list to work from white setting up your site. For each feature, you can learn more about it using the menu on the left.


Get your site ready for your group

First, you’ll want to adjust the configuration of your site to best fit the organization and style of your group.

Change the Site Information: Customizing your member's site is a great way to make the site feel like it's your own.  You can edit the site name, and slogan in the Site Information settings.

Select the feature's you'll need: You can enable and disable several features using The Feature Selection Page. This includes things like music and music learning, events, webforms, parent accounts, and spouse fields.

Adjust the Theme: Want to change the logo and colour-scheme of your site? You can do this by editing the Members Only Appearance.

Users, Roles and Custom Roles: Every group is organized a little differently, so we allow for custom titles to be used to help identify the various people, teams, committees and ensembles subgroups within an organization. The Users, Roles and Permissions Guide will help to outline the various options and their abilities available to you.

Notifications: Using advisor you can control how and how often notifications will be sent to your members! You can also disable notifications as you set up your site, and enable them later. Check out the guide labeled "Notifications - Advisor" for more details.


Start adding basic content

During this phase you’ll work through the 6 Main features of the site - the ones that will be used most regularly by your members.

The Dashboard: Here you can choose from a selection of blocks to identify the most important things you’d like your members to see when they login. You can also create your own blocks to display custom text. Dashboard and blocks

The Members Page: This page will show all of the members of your group. There are filters to help you find specific people, or subgroups, and you can also assign roles and configure the voice parts in your group. You can learn about adding users, assigning roles and changing available voice parts using these guides.

The Music Page: This page will display all of the music your group sings now, or has sung in the past. You can configure the available categories to customize how you organize your music, as well as track music learning for all, or only some songs.

  • Add music
  • Change the available music categories
  • Music Assignment: view and learn
  • Tracking music learning

The Calendar: The calendar allows you to see, at a glance, all the upcoming events for your group. You can also enable attendance tracking, and invite specific roles or subgroups to events. Invitees can even reply to their invite right from their email without logging in!

  • Add events
  • Change the available event categories
  • Enable attendance tracking


Set up your communication options

Mailing Lists: Looking for ways to keep everyone connected and informed? Email lists (also called mailing lists) allow you to create multiple addresses to contact your members and various subgroups. You can either post within the site and have it send out, or send an email directly form your own email client.

  • Setting up Email

Auto Messages: Sending an automated update email allows you to make sure important information is reaching your members, without the hassle of having to send out the information yourself. Choose from a selection of important snippets of information, who it should send to and how often, and rest assured everyone is staying up to date without the stress of manually writing the updates each week.

  • Set up auto messages


Check out all the features Choir Genius offers

Now is the time to really settle in and explore all that Choir Genius has to offer! Work through these items at your leisure - really get to know us, and discover how easy we can make managing your choir or chorus. Also, don't feel pressured to complete these during your trial.


  • Placements are a quick and easy way to organize your members in different standing/sitting arrangements. Learn about placements


  • Programs allow you to create a schedule for events. You can link songs, assign activities to members, and also write in notes for quick and easy reference. Learn about programs
  • Does your director need a quick and easy way to decide which songs to focus on during rehearsal? Learn about music planning

Members Only Blogs

  • Blogs are a great way to touch base with your members, and if you have a public site, your audience as well. Blogs can be helpful in debriefing after rehearsal, and keeping a library of notes for members to refer to while practicing their music before the next rehearsal. Learn about MOBlogs

Polls and Surveys

  • Polls are a simple and efficient way to get immediate feedback from your chorus. Learn about polls
  • Are you looking for something more robust - such as a multi-question survey? Learn about webforms/surveys


  • Looking for a place to store important information about your group? Standing rules, marketing materials, membership information and more all have a place in the documents area. Learn about documents


  • Contacts and Contact Lists are the easiest way to stay in touch with former members, announce shows to fans and patrons, and to reach out to potential new members.Learn about contacts


  • Need a way to invoice your members for monthly dues, or individual costs? Learn about invoices

Tasks Lists

  • Tasks and Task Lists are a great way to organize fundraisers, shows, and various other activities within your group. Learn about Task Lists

The Download Report

  • Keeping track of files that require royalty fees for extra copies can be a pain - but tracking the downloads of your sheet music and learning tracks is much easier with the download report! Learn about download tracking



I need a feature that isn’t available….what do I do?

Here at Choir Genius we’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our products. If there’s a feature you’d like, but haven’t seen please let us know by checking the list of issues and up-voting it, or submitting a new one (please note, you need to be logged in to access this feature)