The front page

Your front page is the "landing page" of your site - it's where visitors will first arrive when they navigate to your url.

This page should be clean, informative and interesting. Be sure to have up to date photos of your group, recent news items, and upcoming events.


Keep in mind that the front page is not directly editable - blocks are used to display content on this page.
The most common blocks used on the front page are:

  • slider
  • featured events
  • news
  • about us

Blocks on the front page can be displayed in the main content area, and the sidebars. The slider is usually in a specific slider area (please refer to the theme setup guides for details), and the footer is reserved for blocks that you want to display on all pages.  This might include information like contact information, rehearsal information, social media links, and any affiliations.

When editing a block to only appear on the front page, use the code <front> to do so. For more information on blocks, please refer the the blocks section of this public site user guide.