Events - Featured Events

Please note: Content managers do not have event access by default - they will need to be made event admins as well in order to add events and mark them as featured.  Site Admins do not need an additional role.


Events is a content type that is shared between the members only portion and the public portion of your site.

To share an event with the public site, you'll need to edit the event, and checkmark it to show as a "public" event. This will expand fields to upload a separate event description, and well as an image and attachments. Always include an image for an event - this helps increase your SEO (search engine optimization).

If you want to display a public event on the front page in the "featured events block", be sure to checkmark the event as "featured" as well as "public".

If an event is only check marked as public (and not featured), then it will only display ont he default "events" page, which is located at:



For more info on adding events, please navigate to that section of the admin user guide using the tree on the left.