Embedding an image

Many types of content (featured pages, blogs/news) have dedicated fields for images - but what if you want to add another image to the page? Or maybe you have a custom block you want to add an image to.

To add an image to a body text area, first click on the image embed button.

This will open a dialogue box which will ask you to choose a photo from the server. This sounds scary and technical, but it's actually quite easy.

  1. Click on the "browse server" button. This will open up your site's server files.
  2. Move your image from your computer, to the server. You can do this by dragging and dropping it into the window. It will upload automatically.
  3. Double click your newly uploaded image to select it.

Back on the screen with the dialogue box, you can now select specific attributes for the image, such as size, and alignment. Hspace adds padding on the left and right side of the image. This will add space between the image and any text wrapped around it. Vspace adds space to the top and bottom. Both fields are in pixels.

Pro tip: leave the height blank and make the width a percentage if you want to make the image mobile friendly. There's more information on this in the help section on mobile friendly images.


Click the "OK" button to embed the image.

Remember to save the whole page to save your changes.


Delete the image

You can simply backspace with the cursor, or highlight it and then click the backspace button.

Edit the image

Double-click the image to open the image dialogue box. You can switch the image by browsing again, or make changes to it's various attributes.