Edit Task Lists and Tasks

Need to make changes to your task list? Want to make changes to the tasks you've included?

Here's how!


Edit a task list

On the main tasks page, click the "edit" link to the right of your task list's name.

Then edit the task list, and click save!


Edit a task

You can edit tasks by going to the main page for your task list, and clicking the "edit link" on the right hand side.

This will allow you to edit each task individually.

You can also edit tasks using the "Actions" menu.

If you choose to "Change Tasks", check mark a task and select "go"...

You then have several options to choose from for what you'd like to change.

You can assign them to different task lists, change the owner or assignee of a task, change the due date, or change the status. By selecting multiple tasks on the first screen, you can mass-change tasks all at once and save yourself time.