Create a custom page alias / url

As you create pages on your site, or even content like bios and ensembles, you will find that the site automatically creates a URL that looks something like: 

Pretty ugly, right? That's the absolute address of that particular piece of content, and each piece of content (or 'node') that you put into to the site has it's own unique number associated with it. But who wants that to show up in their address bar when they are viewing their site?!

What you really want is an 'alias' for that particular piece of content that looks like what it really is. For instance, if it's an 'about' page, you really want the address to say: not ' This tutorial will teach you how to change that alias to whatever you like.

Step 1: Create your content

To try this out, go ahead and create a 'basic page'. We are creating a baisc page, but the same is true for other content types too! 

To create a basic page, just go to: Settings & Admin > Add Content > Basic Page

Go ahead and put a fake title on and some fake text so you can get the hang of it.

Step 2: Make a page alias

Scroll to the very bottom of the page to access the settings area:

  1. Click on 'URL Path Settings'
  2. Type in the name of the page. Remember to use the underscore line (_) instead of spaces, and keep these to a minimum if possible. This word will be what shows up after the / in your address. In the above example, it would be:
  3. Save


That's it!