Checking and updating Music Learning Records

This article covers: 

  • checking the Recording Assessment page
  • updating the status of a Music Learning Record
  • Music Learning Notifications

This article is written for those responsible for checking the recordings of other members. In order to perform this action, you must have the role of Music Learning Admin, or Site admin.



Checking the Recording Assessment page

Navigate to: Music area > Recording Assessment

This page shows you a queue of music learning records that are waiting to be checked (based on the checking state).

From here, you can use the filters at the top of the page to search for specific people, voice parts, or songs. Although the filters will automatically look for songs int he checking state (set on the features settings page for music learning) you can change the filters to include more states, as well as checkmark to only show records with recordings attached. You can also click on the column headings to sort the records that are listed.

Click "check" next to a record to make changes, such as changing the music learning state, adding comments, listen to an uploaded recording, or even changing the assigned checker.


If you're looking for more information on the Recording Assessment page, please refer to this page of the guide.

Updating a Music Learning Record

On the record page you can listen to uploaded recordings, upload other attachments and recordings, and change the status for the song. You can also leave comments that will be saved in a log so that you can view changes over time, as well as choose to send notifications about the changes being made.

Changes to the assigned checker can also be made on this page.




Listen to recordings and upload other files

You can listen to recordings by clicking the in browser play button - or click on the song title to download it to your own computer.

You can upload other files by clicking the "choose file" button under the appropriate heading. After choosing the file, click "upload".

Then, you can either upload another attachment, or click "submit" it to save. The uploaded attachment will then appear above the upload field area. It can be downloaded by clicking the title.


Change the status, add comments, and send notifications


You can change the status of the music learning record using the drop down menu. 

You can also add comments in the comment field.  When you're ready to save your changes, you'll want to press the "Save" button. If you want to send a notification to the user, make sure that the notification checkbox remains marked.

Once the record has been saved, there will be an update in the change log, and a confirmation message at the top of the screen regarding any notifications that have been sent.



Music Learning Notifications

Notifications can be selected to send to the owner of the record when an update has been made. Notifications can also be sent to Music Learning Admins when a learning record is changed to a specific state.

The settings for what is considered the "checking state" is set on the "Music Learning settings" page. You can read more about it under the instructions on Setting up Music Learning.

The settings for music learning notifications is controlled by "Advisor".