"Buzz" is a very specific type of news post - it's used to highlight the activities of your ensembles on your public site.

If you're not using the ensemble pages, then you don't need to worry about buzz.


Adding Buzz

Go to: Settings & Admin > Add content > Buzz

Include a title, image (not mandatory, but recommended), and link it to an ensemble using the drop down list. Then write your buzz post in the "body" area. When you're done, click save at the bottom of the page.


Editing and deleting buzz

Click the title of the buzz item to view it. The click the edit tab. you can make your changes and save them. If you wish to delete the buzz item, scroll to the bottom of the edit view and click "delete".


Displaying buzz in blocks

Buzz content displays only in smart blocks. There are two main types of buzz blocks.

Buzz block - all

This block is usually placed in the sidebar on the front page of your site. it will display buzz items for all of your ensembles.

Buzz block - one ensemble

This block is placed on all ensemble pages. It's usually placed in the content section, below the "main page content" (read more about blocks if you're not sure what this means).  It is designed to display only the buzz for the ensemble's page it's on. You can have three ensembles with buz, but on ensemble 1's page, this block will only display the buzz for ensemble 1, and on ensemble 2's page it will only display ensemble 2's buzz, etc.