Blocks available for public sites

The following blocks are options that are available if you've subscribed to a public site with us. Keep in mind that these blocks are designed for displaying on your public site theme, so they may not appear the same internally.

Some of  these blocks are "smart blocks" - meaning they are not directly editable, and instead display content that is created elsewhere in the site.

Public site blocks can vary per theme.


Buzz blocks - These display "buzz" items for ensembles (smart block)

News blocks - These blocks display public site "news" items (also called "blogs") (smart block)

Featured events - The version of this block used on the public site displays events that are marked as public and featured. There are "horizontal" and "vertical" versions that can be used depending on the theme. (smart block)

Links block - displays "link" content items (smart block)

Our location - A free-form text block used for displaying location information.

About us (centum theme) - a custom block with special formatting included in the demo text that is used for formatting. More information is available on the Centum theme setup page. 


Public site blocks are configured on the "blocks" page available in settings and admin. They are placed in "regions" in your public site theme. The specific theme setup pages show common configurations for each theme.