Assigning roles

Once you’ve added your users into the site, you’ll need to assign them roles so that they can have the right permissions to access site content.


Navigate to the members page in the main menu.

Select the users to which you want to add or remove a role. You can do this by clicking on the row - it will highlight yellow. There is also a button to select all.

Click the "Actions" button  and choose "modify user roles". This will open a dialogue box to fill in the roles you wish to add an remove from the user's you've selected. Click Submit to make the change.

There will be a gear wheel that spins while it's making the changes you've requested. A status bar will load and tell you when the action has been completed. You can then close the dialogue box using the "close" button.


Protip: You can also block/delete users, as well as send them a login invite from this screen.


Assign and remove roles using the "Organize Roles" tab

On the Members page, navigate to the "Organize Roles" tab.

This page allows you two view members within a role with two columns: those that have the selected role, and those that do not.

You can select a role, checkmark the users you want to have that role (or not have that role), and then click the large "move selected users to the other column" role.

The page will then reload with your changes.



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