Add a Poll

Polls are fantastic way to get speedy feedback from your group!

Go to: Communication area > Simple polls

Click on the "add poll" quick link in the top right hand corer of the page. You will only see this link if you have permission to add polls.

Fill out the form

Question - White your question here.

Assign this poll - you assign polls to specific roles, which triggers notifications to those assigned that they have a poll to answer. Note that polls are not private, all members can see polls, even if they are not assigned to them.

Choice - Write your answer options here.
If you need more answers to choose from, click the button "more choices" to add more rows.


You can also:

  • change the status of the poll (open or closed - closed will not allow people to answer) 
  • decide how long the poll will be open (answerable).

When you're done, remember to click save!

Review and wait for the feedback to pour in!