Add a menu item

This page is for adding menu items to your Members Only site. Please reference the Public site guide for adding public site menu items.

Adding menu items helps your site visitors navigate more quickly.

Navigate to the links page for the Groupanizer Menu

Go to: Settings & Admin > site settings > menus
To the right of the "Groupanizer menu", click "list links".


Add a new menu link

Click "add link" on the top left of the screen (just below the page title and tabs).  
Fill in the Menu link title - this is the word or short phrase the people will click on in the menu.
Fill in the path - this is the url the menu link will go to. It can be an outside url, or the end portion of your site's url (examples:,   or /node/694   if it's a particular page of your own site - perhaps a link to a specific document)

You don't need to worry about a description. Make sure it's enabled. If it's going to have submenu items, checkmark the option to "show as expanded".  

If this menu item should appear in the main list (ie: it's not a submenu item) then the "Parent" should remain "<Main Menu>". If you want it to be a submenu of another menu link, change the parent item to the appropriate link. (pro tip: Avoid creating sub-sub menus. They do not display well)

You do not need to worry about the weight. It's easier to rearrange menu items by following these instructions.

Save the page.


Add a menu item from a page

On the edit view of the page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the tab labeled "Menu settings". Checkmark the option "provide menu link".

Make sure it's in the correct menu - on the Members only site this is the <Groupanizer menu>.  Change the parent item to one of the indented options below <Groupanizer menu> to make it a submenu of another menu item.

Save the page.