Add an Eventbrite widget to a page

You may choose to add an eventbrite widget to a page.

You can do this by getting the code from eventbrite, and then editing the page you wish to add it to. Click the "source" button, paste in the code, and then click "source" again. Then save the page.   You can follow these same steps for placing the widget in a custom block. Blocks are useful if you want to display the same widget on multiple pages and you don't want to edit each one individually (aka, you can place the block in the sidebar).


Adjust the widget with css injector

On certain themes, like "Atlas" you may notice that the widget is not displaying they way you want it to. Public sites use css to enforce certain display rules to help the site content look similar on all pages. This may result in a very tiny widget that's hard to read.  You can use CSS injector (as a content manager) in order to change this.

Navigate to: Public site are > css injector

Then, add a new rule. Give it a title like "eventbrite widget". It just needs to be something you'll remember the meaning of incase you need to edit it later.

In the CSS code area, past in:


    height: 700px;
    width: 90%;


This will create a widget that's 90% of the screen width wide, and 700px tall. The width is set in a percentage so that it adjusts according to the screen width (making it mobile friendly). The height cannot be adjusted the same way and should be set with a pixel height (that's what the px stands for).

 You can adjust these numbers as you see fit. Save the rule and flush the site cache after every change to make sure you're seeing the most recent changes. 


Flushing the cache

Settings & admin > advanced > flush caches