Add, Edit and Delete Users


Here's everything you need to know about users:

  • Users is a term for anyone with an account.

  • "Members" typically refers to users with the member role. Sometimes we refer to all users as members because they're all members of the site, and typically who we're taking about.

  • Every user has one, permanent "role" in the site - authenticated user. This is a base level of access to the site. 

  • Users have two statuses: Active and Blocked.  Active users can login, but their level of access to the site is determined by their roles. Blocked users cannot login, regardless of any roles assigned to them.

  • When counting "users" toward your user limit for your site license, only active users with specific roles count (I say "active" because of my next point). Want to know which roles count? 

  • If you block a user (if you edit their account, there's a spot that says "status: active, blocked") they do not count toward your license.

  • blocked users cannot login, but their information is still stored in the site. They can still have roles and not count toward your user limit because they cannot login.



Add a user

  • Add a single user

Part of what makes Groupanizer so useful is that every member of your group can be involved. Before that can happen, though, they’ll need to be added into the site.

Note: If you are adding members for the first time, and have not yet set up your custom role titles for organizing your members, you may want to read the section on custom roles first.


Go to: "Members" in the main menu:  More > Members, or  Management area > Members

Then, click "add user" in the top right corner.


On the create a user page, fill out the mandatory information.

Mandatory fields include the username, email, password, as well as a first and last name. It doesn't matter what you set as the password - when your new user is invited to login for the first time, they can choose their own password.

You can click the tabs along the top of the page to fill out any extra information you may need.  The "Profile" tab includes a notes field that can be used for any information you cannot find a field for.

Make note of the check box for “Notify user of new account” located above basic information. If you check this now, the new user will receive a login invitation email. If you do not want to invite them now, you can leave the box unchecked and notify them later.


When you’re done, remember to click the "Create new account" button.

Note: You'll need to assign them a role so that they can interact with the site. 


  • Add several users at once

This article covers importing several users at once.


Edit a user

  • The Members Page

First, navigate to the members page (More > Members, or  Management area > Members) , then click on the pencil icon that's next to their name.

You can make changes on the edit page. Note that account profiles have several sub-tabs on the edit page. Click through them to see all the information you can change.

Remember to scroll to the bottom and click save.


You can also edit a user by clicking on their name, and then selecting the edit tab.   

Note that account profiles have several sub-tabs on the edit page. Click through them to see all the information you can change.


You can make the following changes:

  • Set primary voice part  - change a user's voice part (affects music learning records)
  • Modify roles - change the level of access a user has to the system by assigning different roles. Want to know more about roles? 
  • Send a Message - sends a one-time message to the selected users. Users cannot reply to this message. For groups you often want to contact, you'll want to set up an email list.
  • Send login invitation - invite the user to login with an automatic email that sends them their username, and a link to follow to set their password.
  • Block account - this keeps the account information, but the user will not be able to login. 
  • Unblock account - allow this user to login again (removed "blocked" status).
  • Delete account - this removes all user associated information. For more information on deleting users.



Delete a user

To delete a user, first edit them, and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "cancel account" button. 

When you go to cancel an account, you are given four options:

  • disable and keep content - this will set the user account to blocked, and keep their content (personal info, and any pages they created). This is the best option if you want to keep their personal info. This is the same ad editing a user and setting their status to "blocked".

  • disable and un-publish content - sets them as block, hides all their content (will hide any pages they created, including any public site content, events, documents, etc). You can always re-publish selected content later.

  • delete and assign content to anonymous - deletes the user and their personal info - keeps any pages they created (public site, events, documents, music) and changes the author to anonymous.  This is the best option if you want to remove their personal info.

Select your option, and then confirm your choice. This action cannot be undone.


You can also delete several users at once using the mass edit options on the members page.