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You'll find everything you need here, to learn how to use or administer a Choir Genius site.

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A support site account is only required for

  • Live chat support for site administrators

Create or login to your support site account by clicking on Help Options in your CG site. There's a link at the top of the page.

Are you a Member?

This means you'll be using the site as a general member or singer within your group. You may have a few specialized roles - maybe you take attendance, or help upload music - but generally you're going to use the site to keep up to date on choir news, events, and to learn your music.

You can find helpful explanations of how to use the site in the General User Guide.

If you do have a few special admin roles (like attendance admin, music admin, etc), you can find information on administration of these areas in the "Admin user guide".



Are you a Site Administrator?

This means you'll be one of the people who's responsible for the general set up of the site. You'll have the role "Site Admin" assigned to your profile within the site. You'll be able to edit various areas of the site, add and edit content, as well as assign roles to other users so they can help you administer particular areas of the site and perform certain tasks.

You'll find helpful explanations and how-to's in the Admin User Guide.





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