Webforms / Surveys

Are you looking for a way to survey your members? Is the Polls feature not robust enough to gather answers for all the questions you have in one simple form?

Then webforms is the answer!


Webforms allow you to create multi-format questionnaires. 

The formats of questions you can choose from include:

  • multiple choice
  • multi-select
  • short answer
  • numbers
  • Field sets (advanced)
  • Format-specific fields: Date, Email and Time (advanced)
  • Multi-question grids (advanced)
  • File upload field (advanced)
  • Text area (advanced)

You can also create webforms that have advanced formats, such as page-breaks, and markup areas where you can add more custom text and exposition.


NOTE: If you do not see webforms listed in your content options, they have not been enabled on your site, and you will need to enable the feature on the "Enable/Disable Features" page.