Site Information

The Site information page controls your site name, slogan, and the "site email address" used to send some notification messages.

It is located under:
Settings & Admin › Site settings › Site info

Site Name

You can make the site name anything you wish. Please note that this does nto change the site url. if your site URL needs to be edited, please contact support at [email protected]


Site Slogan

This appears in the menu on your members only website. It should be a short phrase, as it's designed to not take up too much space in the menu (to stay mobile friendly). 

Site Email Address

This "email address" is used to send notifications form the site. Please note that the email address' domain should match the url of the site, so that it's less likely to be categorized as spam by recipient email clients.  Als note, this is just a sending address and cannot receive email - unless you create a complementary mailing list address that's the same.


Primary Contact Info

These fields are only used by support if we need to reach out to a site admin about your site for some reason. If you have several site admins, this just lets us know who to try to contact first.