Send an email

You must be a permitted sender in order to use a list. Check the list style descriptions above to know how the permitted senders are determined for each list style. Public-facing email lists do not have permitted senders - they are open to the public.

If you start a new email with a title that already exists, it will thread it with the previous messages with that title.


Via the website

Go to: More > Email lists   or  Communication area > Email lists

Click on the title of your list. This takes you to the inbox for that list. You will see all sent messages.  Replies are threaded.

To add a new message, click on the link in the top right corner that says "New Email"

Write in a subject, body (the main part of your message) and add any attachments using the attachments heading. When you're done, click the send button.


Via your email client

Use the email address associated with each list to send from your personal email client. The email address you send from must be attached to your account within the site.



You can reply via your own email client (best if you need to reply to the sender) , or you can view the message on the site (click on the message title) and then reply by clicking the reply icon on the far right (only available for reply all).


Note: When replying from your email client to an email received via a public facing list (this is rare for a typical member, but may apply to you if you have a special role within your group where you will answer emails from the public, such as Membership, Events, or Marketing), the email will appear to send to only the list. This is because the site will send to the list, match it to the intended recipient, and then forward it to them (the original sender). This is how it hides your personal email address.  If there are other owners fo the list, it will also send a copy to them.  Be sure to always reply to the original sender's email in order to ensure it is sent to them - that is the only way it can correctly match to their email address.