Navigating the site

Are you a member and want to know how to find things on your site? Look no further!

Keep in mind - you may be missing some menu items if you don't have permission to access that type of content! If you're unsure, you'll want to contact your group's site administrator.


The Main Menu

The main menu runs along the left side of the screen. On mobile devices, or on computers where you might be using a smaller browser size, it will collapse to a tab with three horizontal lines. We call this a "hamburger" (probably because we're always thinking about food).  Clicking on the hamburger will expand the menu from the side.


Note the narrow field at the very top of the menu that says "*Type here to search this menu*" - you can type here to find menu items if you don't remember the  menu path to a certain menu item. This field only works for menu items.

The search box on the top right can be used to search the site for content in general.

Main Dashboard
This area displays blocks that your site admin has chosen for you. It will display information that they feel is important for you to see right after logging in. 

My Music
This is where you can find all the music you've been invited to view and/or learn. 

My Events
This is where you can view all events that you've been invited to attend.

My Tasks
This is where you can view all tasks that you've been assigned.

My Invoices
This is where you can view all invoices you've been assigned.

On this page, you can find a list of all your fellow members.

Master Calendar
Here you can find several views of all events for the group, including an agenda view, and a calendar view.

Click this heading and it will slide over to reveal more options...



> Email lists
Here you can find all the mailing lists  and messages that you have permissions to view.

> My Program Assignments
On this page you can see any activities in the event programs that you've been assigned.

> Image galleries
Here you can see pictures that have been shared with the group. This is not visible to the general public.

> Member blogs
This is where you can find all the members only blog posts.

> Simple Polls
Here you can find all polls that have been created.

> Webforms / Surveys
Here you can find all webforms / surveys that you have permission to view and answer.

> Documents
Here you can find all documents that you have permission to view.

> Riser placements
Click here to see all the riser placements / standing arrangements for the group.


The Account Menu

This menu is located on the top right hand side and can be accessed by clicking on your name.



My Account
Click here to go to your profile. You can make any updates you need to your personal information on this page.

Log out
Click here to log out of the site.

Site help
Click here to go to the support portal (which is where you're reading this article!).




Note the notifications bell in the top right hand corner near your account profile image.

Clicking here will bring you to your notifications page. You can learn more about notifications in the Notifications Settings guide.