Music and Music Learning

This section is devoted to learning all about how to store your music, upload sheet music and learning tracks, and how to invited your members to view or learn a song!

What is Music Learning?
Music learning is a tool available to our user that allows you to track the progress of your members on certain songs.

Using the Music Learning features, you can:

  • set the learning states and who can edit them
  • monitor the progress of your members
  • check recordings, and change the states
  • have your members notify checkers when they're ready for evaluation
  • keep a log of all changes on the music learning record

When setting up music learning, there are several option - some groups choose to allow members to evaluate themselves, while others make it so that only those with the Music Learning Admin role can change their status to certain levels.

Perhaps you don't track music learning progress - that's fine! You will still need to assign music to view so that your members have access to songs. Read more about that here.

Music learning is fairly flexible, some groups have even adapted the music learning states to track other things - such as choreography proficiency.