Members Only Blog

Blog entries are a great way to share information on your site. Choir Genius has two option for blogs:

News Blog (content type Blog Entry) - only available with a  Public Site license

Blogs are a great way to share information with your chorus and fans! Blogs are shared between your Groupanizer public site and your members only site. They appears as "News" to the public, and as "Blogs" internally. Keep in mind that what you as a blog post is visible to the public. There's nore on news blogs in the public site guide.


Members Only Blog (MOBlog)

If you're looking for a way to keep in contact with only your group members, you'll want to use a Members Only Blog post - also called a "MOBlog". MOBlogs are internal only, and can be used in a block on the dashboard, or in the weekly update. MOBlogs notifications can also be emailed out to members if you wish to do so using the option to assign them to specific roles.

All Members Only Blogs are visible to all members on the "Members Only Blog" Page (Navigate to: More: Members blog) 

You need the role Site Admin, Director, or MOBlog Admin to write a members only blog post.

Site Admins can add a "recent members blog posts" block to the dashboard of your site to display the most recent blogs to members.