Enable / Disable Features

The feature selection page allows you to pick and choose whether or not certain features are used on your site.


Finding the feature selection page

Go to:  Settings & Admin >  Enable / Disable Features


Feature options 

Add ons:

  • Public site - a public facing web site. Requires a separate license to be enabled.
  • Community module - for managing patrons, fans, recruits, email marketing and sales tracking. Requires a separate license to be enabled.


  • Advisor notifications (New) - this is the main notifications system of the site.
  • Attendance - This feature lets you track the event attendance for users. 
  • Automessaging - scheduled messages sent to member. 
  • Contacts - keep track of your fans, patrons, former members, etc. 
  • Document management - Create and upload documents, organize into folders (books).
  • Image galleries - simple picture albums for viewing by members.
  • Invoicing - allows you to send invoices to users for payment. 
  • Member blogs - write blogs to keep your members informed. 
  • Mailing lists - mailing lists for distribution, member chat, and incoming email. 
  • Music - this is the music feature - allowing for storage of songs in the music library. 
  • Music learning - assigning music to people, to view or learn. This is required if you want your members to see music.
  • Notifications system (old) - this is the old notification system - this should not be enabled.
  • Riser placements / stacking - This feature allows for riser placements to be created for your users. 
  • Parent accounts - this feature allows users with the "parent" role to masquerade as their children. 
  • Polls - simple polling for members. 
  • Programs / Music planning - allows for an agenda for your events.
  • Spouse fields - If you want to log spouse names and birthday/anniversary information on your user profiles, you'll want to enable this feature.
  • Task and project management - This is a beta feature. It allows for simple task lists with a set of tasks inside of it that can be assigned to users. mass assignments of a single task are not allowed. 
  • Webforms - create advanced polls and surveys. 
  • Google Recaptcha - comment spam protection for your public site, but it can also be used on the login screen. Be sure to complete the full setup options before logging out.

Events and the calendar are always available.