Account and Profile Information

Your account allows you access to your group's Choir Genius site.

Your account requires a login name, first name, last name, email address, and a password.

Your profile is attached to your account, and in comprised of all the other personal information you've added to the site - such as your address, contact information, voice part, and profile photo.


Accessing your account / profile

You can access your account by going to your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. By clicking on it, you'll see a menu - click on the item "My Account". This will bring you to your account / profile view. Note the tabs that run across the top, just below your name.

This page displays both your account and profile information. Your basic info is generally accessible to other members (unless you've changed your privacy settings). Music learning and event attendance information is available to site admins, and users with roles that have permission to access that information (assigned by site admins).


Editing your account / profile

Click the "edit" tab. This will open your account information. There are several tabs (or "pages") to your account and profile. You can click ont hem to see the different types of information that make up your profile.


Add a secondary email address

Edit your account - then scroll to the bottom of the the main tab and select the headed called "Secondary email addresses". Click to expand it, and then click the button "add a row".
Fill in your other email address in the main blank field that appears. You can checkmark if you want to receive email to this address as well.
You may just add a secondary email address to allow you to send to mailing lists form that address and have it associated with your account (this is important for mailing lists with specific sender permissions).
You can add more email addresses by pressing "add a row" again.
Remember to save your changes.


Uploading a profile photo

Edit your account, then click on the secondary tab labeled "profile". Your profile photo can be added via the upload field. You can remove your profile using the "delete" checkbox.  Be sure to save all changes.

Troubleshooting: If your profile photo loads sideways, open the image in an image editing program like paint, Photoshop, or gimp. Rotate time image around to the correct orientation (even if that means you rotate it 360 degrees), re-save the image, and try uploading it again.


Changing your profile privacy settings

Edit your account. Find the section labeled "Privacy level". Choose either: Normal - contact details are visible to other members; or High privacy - contact details are only visible to Site Admins.